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Thank you for visiting us at Tots On Target! Our community brings together many different topics related to child development all into one place to help YOU be the best parent, caregiver, or professional you can be. It really does take a village to raise and educate our children so we invite you to participate in our community discussions to ask questions, contribute advice, and connect with other parents and professionals.

Child Development Resources

In many states schools, clinics, therapy gyms, tutoring services and more are shut down. While parents may not be able to access the help they need from their regular providers, we are creating a centralized list that our community can access to search for professionals who they can reach out to remotely.


Tot Talk with Tots On Target’s Allison Mell and Maryann Deutsch discusses all kinds of topics like child anxiety, nutrition, developing proper handwriting, and how to incorporate more play in the home. From their own professional advice as a physical and occupational therapist team, to their interviews with a wide range of child development specialists, you will hear lots of great tips to help keep your tots on target!

New Moms Club

Being a new mom is wonderful, exciting, exhausting, and at times, confusing. Here you’ll find a community of moms who are going through similar experiences. Whether you have questions regarding breastfeeding, naps, milestones, or tummy time, or you just want to find a tribe that has your back, you’re welcome here!

Motor Development

Physical development is how your child comes to engage with the world. Here is a place to discuss typical time frames of milestones, the importance of tummy time, questions about proper footwear, concerns about W-sitting, and activities to do at home or in the classroom to advance development.

Sensory Development

The development of all 8 sensory systems (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight, vestibular, proprioception, and interoception) are critical for physical and cognitive development. Here you can discuss topics related to food/texture aversions, clothing preferences, fearful of loud noises, sensory seeking behavior (crashing into things purposely, rolling around on the floor, excessive chewing).

Family Nutrition

Many parents and professional would agree that nutrition plays a huge role in overall health and wellness. This category is a place to discuss topics like nursing/bottle feeding, allergies, family meal ideas, healthy snacks, and strategies to help picky eaters.

Social/Emotional Development

Development in this area is equally as important as physical development and can be very difficult to figure out the right strategies for your child. Come here to discuss topics like tantrums, socialization with peers, discipline strategies, bullying, confidence building, and doing chores.

Sleep Habits and Training

Anyone who has been up all night with a child knows that without it everything else can fall apart. Come here to share ideas on sleep training, bedtime routines, the use of sound machines and weighted blankets, and transitioning to a bed.

Speech and Language

Speech is key to helping a child relate to family and peers and become more independent. Come to this category to discuss typical timeframes of sounds development, processing and telling stories.

School and More

Children spend most of their waking hours in school. This category is a place for parents, teachers, and professionals to connect to bridge the gap and work together to help the school experience be a place where students can thrive. Handwriting, pencil grasp, scissor skills, appropriate seating, reading levels, movement break ideas, etc. can be discussed here.

Follow Up Discussions

We talk with some really interesting pediatric professionals, teachers, and other wellness providers over on our Instagram and Facebook Stories. Here you’ll find a place where you can continue the conversation, ask new questions, and offer your personal experiences.


In the first few years of life, toileting is a major aspect of development and can significantly impact a child’s comfort, confidence, and independence. This category is a place to discuss diaper rashes, potty training, bedwetting, accidents, independence with this skill, etc.