Sucking fingers

Hi there! My 26mo boy was weaned from pacifier 7 days agi (he only used it to sleep) without struggles but he started sucking his fingers to sleep since yesterday… what can I do?

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Hey! So glad to have you as part of our community! Im not an expert in this field, but it sounds like the oral stimulation is really soothing for sleeping-and it’s really hard to prevent sucking fingers in the middle of the night. As a mom, I say not to stress about it and let it play out. Sometimes we make these “habits” into bigger deals than they might actually be.

This is just my opinion and maybe others parents/professionals can offer different suggestions. Keep us posted!

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Thanks so much for your advice. I’m doing my best trying to not make it a big deal, I’m just praying for this to go away soon :pray:t3::pray:t3: My concern is this become a long time issue…. Thanks again!

Hi @Angelica, welcome! From a mom perspective, I agree with Allison. Many babies crave that oral stimulation for self-regulation. Maybe some speech pathologists have some insight! @TinyTalkers @Speechwithjwo @abg_speechtherapy @Twowayspeech