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My 5 month old (23 weeks) likes to roll into her tummy to sleep for naps and bedtime now. She squishes her self up on her knees and sticks her butt in the air while she sleeps and sucks her thumb​:heart_eyes: So precious!!:heart:
Is that a normal way for babies to sleep?
And does that count as “tummy time”? Lol.

However, she is unable to roll herself from her tummy to her back. I try to practice with her on her play mat during awake times, but she just doesn’t seem to get it or be able to do it on her own. When she wants off her tummy she just starts to “Superman” and get mad, lol. Any tips for teaching her to roll from tummy to back?

Yes that is a fine way to sleep! It does count as time off the back of the head, but not active tummy time. Both are important!

In terms of helping her to roll if you work on reaching with her while she is in tummy time this will help with her weight shifting so that she is able to shift over.

Here is an instagram highlight on rolling:
Rolling Highlight

And here is a post I had done on rolling stomach to back. I think I talk more about the weight shifting in the highlight. Let me know if you still have more questions. Happy to help!
Rolling tummy to back

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