:podcast: Listen to Episode 9: All About "W" Sitting with Allison and Mary

Allison and Mary discuss “W” Sitting and answer common questions like why do children sit this way, why is W-sitting a problem, and how to fix it.

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My daughter is 3 and she has been “W” sitting for as long I can remember. We try to correct her as much as possible but that is her comfort spot. We having doing this for 2 years. Any stretches or activities that you can recommend?

Hi @KayMoM, welcome! So many parents struggle with this! It’s not easy to correct, especially if it’s your daughters comfortable default sitting position. Certain activities like yoga are great because any holding posture will help build endurance in her postural muscles, which are often not engaged when a child is sitting in that W position. Swimming is another good option to strengthen those postural/core muscles. Also, maybe instead of telling her not to sit like a W, try to challenge her to sit another way. Maybe something like… “When you sit cross-cross applesauce, you become soooo tall!!” It may take time, but with gentle redirection and some activities that challenge her posturally, she should slowly break her habit. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Any other thoughts? @Starfishtherapies @tots-allison @Emily_Whigham_Heisey @AL-InclusiveTherapy and any other amazing therapists?

Thank you. I will try swimming once everything is cleared.

Hey @KayMoM!

Swimming is great! As we talked about in our podcast and as @tots-mary said above, we absolutely love yoga to help strengthen the core and hip muscles to help support better posture in sitting.

Click here for one of out favorite yoga card decks you can easily do at home for a few minutes every day (10-15 seconds each pose)

Also, try having her sit on a low step stool or couch cushion when sitting on the floor-it’s much more difficult to form a W when your bottom is slightly elevated above your legs.

Thank you!

Hi, yes I agree with everything @tots-mary said. Side sitting if you can get them to work on that position is great because it will help with hip range as well as strengthen the core. It also helps to teach a different way to transition since with w-sitting the child often goes straight forward or back rather than what I call through the diagonals. I know I had a video on my instagram account where I talk about this but I was having trouble finding it right now. Here is a post on side sitting and i also have a highlight all about it.

If you can get them to use side sitting as a way to transition it will help also. This is such a hard position to get them out of the habit for.

YES!!! SIDE SITTING!!! Learning new ways to transition in and out of positions is critical!

Thank you for your recommendations in this podcast for activities/exercises I can do with toddler who regularly defaults to w-sitting. Are sitting directly on his feet (in a kneeling posture) with his ankles directly under his butt and having one leg out straight In front of him and one bent up like a mountain acceptable alternatives? Or should I stick to encouraging him to sit with straight legs out in front or cross cross instead?

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Yes they are better because they don’t put the same stress on the hips and knees. I would still encourage them to try various sitting positions but the ones you mentioned are definitely better than w-sitting!

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totally agree!!!

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