:podcast: Listen to Episode 12: Treating Tongue and Lip Ties with Dr. Giselle Tadros, PT, DPT

Dr. Giselle Tadros, PT, DPT, owner of In Home Pediatric PT (@inhomepediatricpt & @milkmatterspt), shares her professional insights on how to treat babies with a tongue and/or lip tie.

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How can this affect toddlers that were undiagnosed? My son never breastfed, would had trouble with bottles, was very messy, and wound up being put on medicine for gas puking up entire bottles. No one ever bothered to look for a lip or tongue tie, and now at 2.5 has speech delays. Since things are virtual with his case worker, all she can do is ask if I think he has a tongue tie…🤷 But something she said about the way he talks made me try to look in his mouth, I got bit before I made it past his teeth, but I did discover after googling pictures of lip ties- he has a pretty significant one! Now his ST is trying to get him scheduled for a feeding eval! So will this affect him as he gets older? And why didn’t they check him as a baby? Simply because I wasn’t breastfeeding??

@Giselle_Tadros can you help this mom understand possible next steps here?

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This is such a great question and it’s so common unfortunately. As I say often on my IG page (@milkmatterspt), doctors, Dentists, PTs, OTs, Lactation consultants, even some speech and language therapists are NOT taught about ties in school. It is a subspecialty that is a fairly new field of practice so most aren’t even aware of how to properly diagnose it or what to look for. They should have known but they don’t always know to check. I do however think a speech and feeding consult with a trained professional is worth it- unfortunately many times it is not covered by traditional insurance. Good luck with everything mama, you got this! Xo