Independent Walking

My daughter is almost 14 months old (will be 14 months on the 13th). She has been cruising along furniture and pushes her walker for awhile but does not independently walk. She will walk while holding my hands and even when only holding one hand for quite a few steps. However, will not walk or stand by herself. When I get her to stand by herself, she will drop down. She can stand by herself for a little bit if I have a toy in front of her and distracting her. What can I do to encourage her to walk?

I forgot to mention that she’s quite the cautious/careful baby so I’ve been trying to build up her confidence by doing more walking while holding my hand(s) and standing with toys that distract her.

Hi, thank you for reaching out! For kids like your daughter this isn’t unusual. We often have to ‘trick’ them into it! We have a YouTube playlist that has ideas and one video is specifically about helping kids to stay on their feet! In addition we have a 6 week pre-walker program that can help kids get to walking. Hopefully some of these ideas help! You aren’t alone!

Here are two things that helped my kiddo…

  1. Instead of your child holding your hand have them hold something that you are also holding ( ex: stuffed animal or cell phone :woman_shrugging:) that way you can slowly decrease the amount of support you are providing them all while they think you are actually helping them!
  2. Instead of holding their hand hold them at the top of the shoulders and work towards holding just their shirt and then finally just a light finger tip touch. They will obviously feel you touching them, but not realize that you aren’t really actually helping them!

Love these suggestions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: