Hip issue?

My little one is 7.5 months…shes able to roll both directions, bear weight through extended arms on belly, pivots on belly, scoots back ward on belly, and shes an excellent sitter, she can probably sit for days if i let her! Shes able to reach for toys while sitting either using the hand on the same side as the toy or she also will bear weight on the arm closest to toy and reach with opposite hand. She can also get out of sitting, but all the gracefully. However she can not yet get into sitting, get on all fours, or crawl. She also still supermans quite often. My concern isn’t so much that shes not crawling yet but rather when I’m working with her trying to do side sitting or playing on her knees or trying to bear weight on hands and knees she screams and straightens out her hips so I can’t get her on her knees. Is this normal for them the scream/cry/be uncomfortable with the idea of being on hands and knees in the beginning or should I be concerned of possible hip issues? When I am trying to get her on her knees I also need to hold them together or else they flail out to the sides. She had hip ultrasound at 6 ish weeks and everything was fine then.

Hi! Thank you for reaching out! This can be typical. You are asking her to do something she doesn’t want to do, kids are amazing with how strong willed they can become! Are you trying to do these with highly motivating toys or things? Maybe they only come out for these activities? What does she do if she is on her belly and there is a toy that’s just slightly out of reach on a high stool? Will she just ignore it or will she try to get to it? This is often where I can see them start to pull themselves up on their knees. Not sure if that makes sense. This post has a video on one of the slides that shows what I am talking about: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCtmbUrB1wm/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
Also, I was just helping a friend (and I’m going to see if she will let me get some video) and we worked on just moving through the movements. Her little one is a champion sitter and doesn’t like to get on knees or side sit so rather than keep him in a position I transitioned him from sitting to knees to belly to hands and knees to side sit to sit. Fingers crossed she will let me get a video tomorrow when we are at the park!

Thanks for the reply!! If a toy is just out of reach shell look up at it and reach for it. But won’t get up on knees and just whines in frustration. There are times when she’s on her belly and she will try to bend her knees under her but she gets no where. I also attached toys to her pikler triangle to try to get her to reach for them from both belly and sitting since there are different heights she can grab on to …but she wont get to her knees. I have even tried showing her how to climb stairs. Look forward to seeing the video if you are able to share!

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Have you tried putting toys on top of a couch cushion on the floor and propping her up? This could help build endurance for some kneeling and eventually crawling

I’m going to work on the video tomorrow! Probably won’t get it posted until Sunday though! Also, when she is reaching use that opportunity to help her at her knees. Even if it’s just one knee. She doesn’t have to stay there but she can start to see how she can get to it. I call it ‘finding moments of opportunity’ to just facilitate what they want to do!

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Yes I’ve been using a cushion, placing her over my leg, over the boppy, over a rolled up blanket.

Ok, here are two videos that sort of talk about what I was trying to describe!

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Thanks for these videos I will definitely be trying to implement these tips!