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Episode 1: Strategies to Help With Anxiety in Children with Dr. Karen Weiss, PsyD - Tot Talk explores how to identify signs of anxiety in our children and helpful strategies to connect and help your child through those moments.

Episode 2: Sleep Training Tips from Sleep Coach Jen - Tot Talk sits down with Sleep Coach Jen to discuss her thoughts on baby and toddler sleep routines.

Episode 3: Tummy Time Info and Tips - Mary and Allison discuss the Why, What, When, and How of tummy time in a concise and easy to understand way.

Episode 4: Speech Development with Leyat Mafouda - Allison sits down with speech therapist, Leyat Mafouda to delve into many different areas of speech and language development that help children create purposeful conversations and interactions.

Episode 5: All About Rolling with Stacy Menz - Mary and Allison discuss how to help babies roll backwards and forwards and why this milestone is so important in the developmental sequence with pediatric physical therapist, Stacy Menz.

Episode 6: Educating Our Youngest Learners Through Play with Jayme Yannuzzi - Allison and Mary sit down with former elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom, Jayme Yannuzzi, to discuss the importance of play in early childhood learning. When sharing her passion for learning through play, Jayme gives great suggestions of how to structure playtime and provides many ideas you can try at home or in your classroom to teach your tots in a fun and engaging way.

Episode 7: The Why’s and How’s of Crawling with Allison and Mary* - Allison and Mary explore the topic of crawling, delving into why this milestone is so important in building strength, bilateral coordination, the sensory systems and more. The discussion continues to help you gain a better understanding of how this milestone is achieved.

Episode 8: Transitioning to Solids Through Baby Led Weaning with Kacie Barnes* - Mary and Allison chat with registered dietitian and founder of Mama Knows Nutrition, Kacie Barnes to learn about Baby Led Weaning. This method encourages babies to self feed as they transition to solid foods. Kacie shares helpful information on what types of foods babies can start with, suggested sizes of safe foods, how to incorporate utensils, and how to know if your baby is getting enough nutrition.

Episode 9: All About “W” Sitting with Allison and Mary* - Allison and Mary discuss “W” Sitting and answer common questions like why do children sit this way, why is W-sitting a problem, and how to fix it.

Episode 10: Breastfeeding Solutions with Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, CSOM* - Mary and Allison discuss the common struggles of breastfeeding with International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Jacqueline Kincer, of (@holisticlactation). Jacqueline answers their many questions and offers great insights to guide moms towards successful breastfeeding.

Episode 11: Mommy, Can I have a Snack? with Jennifer Anderson, MSPH, RDN - Registered Dietitian, Jennifer Anderson of ( joins Mary and Allison to offer great tips on how to fit yummy snacks into a healthy, balanced diet.

Episode 12: Treating Tongue and Lip Ties with Dr. Giselle Tadros, PT, DPT - Dr. Giselle Tadros, PT, DPT, owner of In Home Pediatric PT (@inhomepediatricpt & @milkmatterspt), shares her professional insights on how to treat babies with a tongue and/or lip tie.

Episode 13: Starting the Day with Play with Beth Rosenbleeth - Instagram Influencer, Beth Rosenbleeth of @dayswithgrey, chats with Mary and Allison about how to help children start their days off with creative and open-ended play. Her easy-to-apply suggestions and the simple household materials she uses in her play setups, otherwise known as ‘Breakfast Invitations’, will help parents everywhere peacefully enjoy their morning coffee while their children’s play and cognitive skills grow.

Episode 14: Summer Safety with Holly Choi - Holly Choi, co-owner of Safe Beginnings First Aid (, shares her professional advice and tips on how to keep babies safe during the hot summer months.

Episode 15: 5 Things NOT To Do To Get Your Child Talking with the Speech Sisters - Mary and Allison chat with Speech Sisters (, Brooke and Bridget, who share useful and easy-to-try tips on how to get your baby or toddler talking.

Episode 16: What We Eat Matters with Kathlena, The Allergy Chef - Kathlena, aka The Allergy Chef (, chats with Mary and Allison about the importance of knowing more about the food and health choices we make for ourselves and our families. From sugar to food allergens, they cover it all!

Episode 17: Bouncers and Jumpers and Swings, Oh My! w/ Bree Milani of Sprout and Thrive - Occupational Therapist, Bree Milani of Sprout and Thrive ( chatted with Mary and Allison about the importance of limiting time babies spend in “containers” in favor of more time spent on the floor to help them reach developmental milestones.

Episode 18: Toddler Tantrum Experts to the Rescue! with Deena and Kristin of Big Little Feelings - Deena and Kristin of ( share their expert advice in a great discussion with Mary and Allison on how to tame toddler tantrums using simple, yet extremely affective strategies. From limiting technology to meltdowns in the supermarket, they cover it all!

Episode 19: Sugar Overload with Michael Goran, PhD & Emily Ventura, PhD, MPH - Mary and Allison talk with Sugarproof ( authors, Dr. Michael Goran, PhD and Dr. Emily Ventura, PhD, MPH about the effects of sugar on our children’s behavior, sleeping schedules, attention, and more.