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Episode 1: Strategies to Help With Anxiety in Children with Dr. Karen Weiss, PsyD - Tot Talk explores how to identify signs of anxiety in our children and helpful strategies to connect and help your child through those moments.

Episode 2: Sleep Training Tips from Sleep Coach Jen - Tot Talk sits down with Sleep Coach Jen to discuss her thoughts on baby and toddler sleep routines.

Episode 3: Tummy Time Info and Tips - Mary and Allison discuss the Why, What, When, and How of tummy time in a concise and easy to understand way.

Episode 4: Speech Development with Leyat Mafouda - Allison sits down with speech therapist, Leyat Mafouda to delve into many different areas of speech and language development that help children create purposeful conversations and interactions.

Episode 5: All About Rolling with Stacy Menz - Mary and Allison discuss how to help babies roll backwards and forwards and why this milestone is so important in the developmental sequence with pediatric physical therapist, Stacy Menz.

Episode 6: Educating Our Youngest Learners Through Play with Jayme Yannuzzi - Allison and Mary sit down with former elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom, Jayme Yannuzzi, to discuss the importance of play in early childhood learning. When sharing her passion for learning through play, Jayme gives great suggestions of how to structure playtime and provides many ideas you can try at home or in your classroom to teach your tots in a fun and engaging way.

Episode 7: The Why’s and How’s of Crawling with Allison and Mary - Allison and Mary explore the topic of crawling, delving into why this milestone is so important in building strength, bilateral coordination, the sensory systems and more. The discussion continues to help you gain a better understanding of how this milestone is achieved.